What to include in a buyer persona when customer profiling

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-Dec-2015 07:56:00

Before embarking on any inbound marketing campaign it's best to start right at the beginning by looking into your ideal customers' buying habits and purchasing decisions through the process of creating a set of strong customer profiles.

Although starting with your ideal customers is the right way to kick off a marketing campaign, it's often one of the trickiest parts; knowing what to include in a customer profile and how to go about the customer profiling process can be a daunting prospect, with many businesses leaving it up to chance or guesswork. 

But fear not, help is at hand. As well as our simple 3-step guide, and complete customer profile example, we've scoured the Internet to find a helpful infographic detailing what to include in a buyer persona as well as walking you through the key components that make one up. 

Image showing some example customers that represent your ideal clients' buyer personas

Customer profiling: what's in a persona?

B2B Buyer personas are semi-fictional pictures of your company's ideal clients. They contain realistic, fact-based, information about your ideal clients' backgrounds, buying habits, preferred information sources, challenges and goals.

Their purpose is to serve as a tool that help to shape your marketing campaigns to better target your potential clients by addressing their challenges and helping them reach their specific personal and business goals.

All of your marketing efforts to promote your products and services should stem from trying to meet your buyer persona's needs and address their sources of pain at various points during their purchasing journey.

Whether they're trying to put a name to a current set of symptoms, or are looking for more advice about a particular problem they've already identified, by understanding who your customers are, and how they become motivated to make purchases, you will gain an edge in the competitive marketplace. 

Infographic showing what to include in a buyer persona

 Source: Ardath Albee via Cintell

Better customer profiles = better marketing campaigns

By building a set of really strong customer profiles, focussing on your most ideal customers, and building up a realistic picture of their personas, buying habits and purchasing decisions / triggers, you'll be able to create more effective marketing campaigns to address your potential clients more directly and generate more leads than ever before.

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