Using social media for marketing: LinkedIn best practices

Posted by Rob Kendal on 20-Jan-2017 12:36:40

We love the good folks over at Sprout Social. They offer a market-leading social media platform and are all-round good guys. They also write a lot of helpful content around social media and how using social media for marketing can help drive leads and grow your network.

In our latest article, we're going to share an outstanding infographic of theirs on LinkedIn best practices - how to use it for your business and how LinkedIn can become a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. 

Header image for article on using social media for marketing LinkedIn best practicesSocial media platforms are not created equal

Being active and relevant on social media has been an important part of any good marketing strategy for quite a while now, but it's surprising how many businesses either ignore it or just dabble a little - which can have a detrimental effect.

However, if you can harness the power of social media for your business, you'll find that it adds a really strong string to your marketing bow, helping with other aspects, such as website traffic and search engine rankings.

But choosing a social media platform to focus on, and leveraging that platform's specific qualities is important to make it work effectively for you. Each platform needs a slightly different approach and should be used to highlight a particular part of your business. Instagram, for example, is entirely visual and works well for quirky content and to show off your business' personality or behind the scenes action.

Using social media for marketing, LinkedIn in particular, will enable you to target your audience more effectively, as well as discovering what types of content work best. If you'd like to know more about using LinkedIn to help your sales efforts, we have a great article by our business development team.

So, LinkedIn best practices; the key points from the infographic are:

  • Learn what content works best, both for LinkedIn as a social platform and for your audience on LinkedIn
  • Keep it focused on business. It's important to show off your company's brand and personality, but LinkedIn works best when the content is kept professional and career/business oriented
  • Get your employees on board! Enable and empower your employees to share their own stories and business content to expand your brand's reach
  • Publish on LinkedIn's own content platform, Pulse. Keep your articles shorter (under 1000 words) and topical to boost engagement and drive traffic to your business 
  • Measure, track, analyse. LinkedIn offers a good level of analytical information built in to the platform, so be sure to check it regularly to see what's resonating with your audience.

5 LinkedIn Best Practices for Marketing Professionals
(source: 5 LinkedIn Best Practices for Marketing Professionals by Sprout Social)


Remember, LinkedIn is just one platform and there are many out there. It's helpful to be active and engaging on multiple social media platforms to maximise your online reach and catch as many as your target customers through channels they use. However, don't spread yourself too thin and be sure to follow both the LinkedIn best practices above, as well as those of other platforms.

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Written by Rob Kendal

Rob has enjoyed a rewarding career in technology, from IT infrastructure through to software development, working with clients such as Virgin Holidays and the NHS. He understands the needs, challenges and logistics involved in making technology work for business and how to market it effectively.
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