24 Nov

Lead generation without cold calling? Inbound Sales to the rescue

Posted by Rob Kendal on 24-Nov-2017 13:34:09

The term lead generation is quite synonymous with the term cold-calling. For years the two terms have gone hand in hand, conjuring images of banks of telesales agents furiously calling down their list in the hope that someone they speak to will buy and their targets will be made for another day...shudder.

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17 Feb

Conversion rate optimisation: 9 easy ways to convert more visitors

Posted by Rob Kendal on 17-Feb-2017 15:24:36

A strong website is the cornerstone of any online marketing campaigns. If you're not selling directly through your website, via ecommerce, then your business website should be a large part of your lead generation strategy. The key to turning your visitors into leads for your sales department is through conversion points.

The art of getting your lead generation spot on, to maximise your conversion rates, is through a process called conversion rate optimisation. We've got a great infographic from our friends over at Start Blogging Online with 9 easy ways to do just that!

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03 Feb

Marketing events: 5 ways to improve event signups from lessons learned

Posted by Rob Kendal on 03-Feb-2017 07:15:00

We love events here at CreatedRed Towers. Whether it's a great local networking event, a casual meet-up (like our very own Leeds HubSpot User Group) or a business conference, they're all good ways to make new connections and generate some leads for your business.

When it comes to marketing events, let's take a look at some great lessons we've learned from organising and promoting our own successful event, to help you with yours. 

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Topics: Lead Generation

09 Jan

3 reasons you should be using LinkedIn to boost sales lead generation

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 09-Jan-2017 15:29:21

Have you ever wondered whether LinkedIn would support your business, especially when it comes to your sales lead generation strategy? Well, if your customer base is predominately B2B, then the simple answer is yes! 

We're going to share our top 3 reasons why we love LinkedIn and give you 3 reasons why we think you should be making LinkedIn work harder for your sales pipeline.

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10 May

Business blogging part 5: making a profit from your blog

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-May-2016 15:14:04

You've got a great blog, you've done the research and you've worked through producing some great content that people want to read, but what now?

All your hard work should be starting to work for you and whilst having thousands of visitors per month is really exciting, how do you utilise that traffic and start making a profit from your blog? 

After a bit of a break from the series, here we are with the final instalment in our 5-part saga on how to start, grow, and profit from a business blog.

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29 Mar

How to fix your content marketing strategy [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 29-Mar-2016 09:10:35

Content marketing gets a bad rap sometimes because, often, the results aren't immediate and it can seem like a lot of effort with little return in sight. However, like many marketing strategies, content marketing is a long term game and needs a lot of time investing in it to get the best from the other end.

If you've arrived here because you're already on the content marketing train then that's great, and hopefully we can help you improve your content marketing strategy to really start driving conversions and traffic in your favour.

So let's take a look at how to fix your content marketing strategy by comparing the approaches of a novice and a veteran marketer...

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24 Mar

Better business networking in Yorkshire: up your game with 10 tips

Posted by Rob Kendal on 24-Mar-2016 21:03:00

Business networking is one of many great ideas to help generate business leads, and recently we wrote an article which helped business owners like you discover more networking groups in Yorkshire to get your business out there.

Now, we're going to offer some advice, tips and tricks that we've collected along the way that will help novice and veteran networkers alike get the best from their business networking events and meet ups.

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03 Mar

Business blogging part 3: the 4 best blogging platforms for business

Posted by Rob Kendal on 03-Mar-2016 10:30:00

Here we are, part three in our business blogging series. Part one explored some great reasons why you should start a business blog, and part two saw us go into more detail on how to start a blog in a few simple steps.

In this instalment we're going to take an objective view of the most popular and best blogging platforms and tools, and ways to publish your content to get it out there to the masses.

We'll be looking at WordPress, Ghost, Blogger, and let's not forget, your own website!

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Topics: Lead Generation Inbound Marketing Business Blogging

26 Feb

Business blogging part 2: how to start a blog in 3 easy steps

Posted by Erika Dobson on 26-Feb-2016 16:01:16

With part one of our series on business blogging, we shared five reasons why your should start a business blog and how it can be a valuable marketing tool in your toolkit. 

In the second part of our complete guide to business blogging, we're going to look at the 'how' of starting a business blog, from the ground up. It might be that you've covered some of this ground already, but hopefully we can catch you at some point in your journey and help you get unstuck, whether that's by giving you a little boost, or spurring you on to kick-start the process again.

So, let's look at the best steps to take on how to start a blog for your business.

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Topics: Lead Generation Inbound Marketing Business Blogging

25 Jan

8 good reasons to start a business website redesign

Posted by Rob Kendal on 25-Jan-2016 15:28:01

Although there is a frightening statistic (from 1and1) that "up to 40% of businesses don't have a website", most businesses do have a website in one form or another. This might be a simple holding page with contact information, or a full-blown, bells and whistles marketing masterpiece.

Whatever your business website's purpose or status, every now and again it’s a good idea to revisit it and explore the possibility of a reworking or complete website redesign. 

However, redesigning your business website can be a costly affair and something that you definitely want to see work for your business once it's complete. To get the best from your website redesign project, it's important to start with a solid reason (or two!) behind the motivation. 

Let's explore eight of our best reasons to redesign your business website and how they affect your ROI.

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