09 May

Planning your marketing strategy for 2017

Posted by Rob Kendal on 09-May-2017 09:33:00

It's always a good idea to plan ahead. It works for the little things like shopping lists, meetings and appointments, and it works for the bigger things like business goals and marketing strategies. By setting time aside to work on your sales and marketing goals and plans now, you'll be confident that you'll hit them in 2017 and beyond.

Let's take a look at some helpful tips around the process of creating your marketing strategy for 2017.

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26 Jan

Inbound marketing on a shoestring: learn inbound marketing for free

Posted by Rob Kendal on 26-Jan-2017 14:04:55

We're an inbound agency and we love all things inbound, let's just get that out of the way. We've seen the power that inbound has to attract more of your ideal customers and start better sales conversations.

However, although the inbound methodology is far from new, there's a definite lag in the UK market around understanding and harnessing the power of inbound. The two main barriers are lack of knowledge and agency management costs.

Well, here's the good news: we're going to show you how you can both learn more about inbound and how to learn inbound marketing for free - well, as close to free as possible.

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25 Oct

8 vanity marketing metrics to ignore and what to analyse instead

Posted by Rob Kendal on 25-Oct-2016 14:36:54

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of facts, figures, stats and metrics to take a look at and keep your eyes on. But there are so many, it's easy to get excited about the wrong ones, interpret the data incorrectly, or be distracted by others. 

Let's take a little time to understand which of the major and most common marketing metrics to ignore and the alternatives you should be paying attention to.

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21 Oct

7 stats that will help you sell inbound marketing to your boss

Posted by Rob Kendal on 21-Oct-2016 16:09:05


Whether you're a marketer, team leader, or senior sales person, if you've discovered inbound marketing and its potential for huge success, it's quite likely your champing at the bit to start using it in your own business. However, if you're not in a decision making position, you've got some convincing work ahead involving the directors or senior management team.

Don't worry though, we're here to help. We've put together 7 powerful, persuasive facts and figures to help you sell inbound marketing to your boss and highlight how successful inbound marketing can be and why your business should seriously consider making the switch.

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03 Oct

Advertising vs Marketing: what's the difference & why is it important?

Posted by Rob Kendal on 03-Oct-2016 07:08:00

At some point, you're going to want to shout to the world about your products and services, but what's the best way to do it? Short term advertising, or the long game of marketing? Is there a difference?

For many people the two words are just interchangeable terms that describe the same thing. In this modern world of digital marketing, they're more like two sides of the same coin, closely linked and supporting one another. Yet there is a distinct difference when it comes to advertising vs marketing in the digital world.

By understanding the differences in approach and execution, you'll be able to make better use of your marketing and advertising partners and help get the best for your budget.

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19 Sep

Inbound marketing for tech companies: 5 ways to improve tech marketing

Posted by Rob Kendal on 19-Sep-2016 13:08:59

We meet a lot of businesses that struggle in one way or another to generate new leads, fill their sales funnel, and essentially, get their message out there.

One of the most common industries that finds marketing a big challenge is technology. Whether this is a physical technology product, such as 3D printing, or a virtual solution, such as ecommerce analytics, technology businesses can find themselves missing the mark when it comes to their messaging. 

So how can we help improve marketing for tech companies? Why, by learning to be more inbound of course. Oh, and some of these great ideas...

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12 Sep

Autoplaying Ads vs. Pop-Up Ads: Which Ad Type Do People Hate More?

Posted by Rob Kendal on 12-Sep-2016 15:00:00

Urgh, adverts...don't you just hate them? Well it turns out that almost everyone hates adverts because they're interruptive, obnoxious, intrusive and everywhere. We refer to the intrusive, interruptive ads as 'outbound' because they are just that - outwardly facing, pushy, uninvited messages. 

Since the State of Inbound 2016 report is now available, we're going to look at the state of online advertising today, how it's affecting consumers and what they're doing to combat it. Oh, and settle the debate about which ad type people hate more...

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02 Sep

How to write better marketing content and avoid the clickbait trap

Posted by Rob Kendal on 02-Sep-2016 15:32:54

If you've spent any time exploring marketing these days you'll no doubt be on the look out for any ways to improve the quality of your content; how to make your content more appealing to your audience and, in short, how to write better content.

Well, we've got some great tips in this article especially when it comes to avoiding producing content that puts your customers off. That's right, we're talking about you, Mr. Clickbait!

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27 May

Current marketing trends explained and how they compare

Posted by Erika Dobson on 27-May-2016 14:52:58

Every day, people are creating new and different ways to market a business. Because of this, it has become very difficult to keep track of the latest ways to formulate a marketing plan and create a better marketing strategy.

To benefit your company and beat the competition, it is important to keep on top of the latest methods of marketing your business and see how you can leverage anything new and relevant that they bring to the table. However, the main struggle is choosing which marketing type will benefit your business the most and when to switch tactics to follow them.

We're going to look at the prevailing marketing trends that the 2016 marketing landscape offers...

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10 May

Business blogging part 5: making a profit from your blog

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-May-2016 15:14:04

You've got a great blog, you've done the research and you've worked through producing some great content that people want to read, but what now?

All your hard work should be starting to work for you and whilst having thousands of visitors per month is really exciting, how do you utilise that traffic and start making a profit from your blog? 

After a bit of a break from the series, here we are with the final instalment in our 5-part saga on how to start, grow, and profit from a business blog.

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