12 Aug

5 free tools for online document management

Posted by Erika Dobson on 12-Aug-2016 08:40:03

The way that people create and manage documents is changing. More and more people are moving away from messy paperwork, contracts, lists or notes lying around their office desk.

But how can you make sure your documents are safe, don't get lost, and making digital copies of physical files is a smooth and reliable process? Well, you're in luck! We're going to examine 5 free tools for online document management.

This week, we're pleased to feature a guest article by the team at Investintech, a Canadian software development company doing clever things with PDF technology. 

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10 Mar

Business blogging part 4: promote your blog & grow your blog audience

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-Mar-2016 21:10:01

Well here we are, already at part 4 of our business blogging series. We've looked at some good reasons why you should start a blog and looked in more detail at the how to start a business blog. In the most recent article we looked at some of the most popular blogging platforms to physically create and publish your blog with.

This time, we're looking at how you go about promoting your content and how to grow your blog audience using some tried and tested strategies and inbound marketing at the heart of your blog promotion efforts.

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01 Mar

A handy guide to content management systems [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 01-Mar-2016 08:11:41

We've spent part one and part two of our recent business blogging series looking at why you should start a business blog and how you can start to blog for your business. The next part in the series will see us delve into the physical publication and hosting of your blog including what platforms and content management systems are available to you.

Before we get to that though, we thought it would be good to have a little primer on content management systems, discover what they are, how they can help you keep control over your website and blog content, and get an overview of the most popular platforms out there today.

Let's take a look...

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22 Feb

Business blogging part 1: 5 reasons you should start a business blog

Posted by Erika Dobson on 22-Feb-2016 20:00:00

Blogs are very popular these days, everyone and their dog seems to have one. In reality, very few businesses actually consider blogging to be of any importance, let alone an ongoing part of their marketing strategy. So why is business blogging important, and why should you start a business blog?

Well, as an agency that's a regular contributor to the world of content via this blog you're reading right now, we thought it would be helpful to write a number of related articles around creating, writing, and publishing content to a regular blog for your business, starting with why blogging is a good idea in the first place.

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15 Feb

How to use Instagram for business [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 15-Feb-2016 13:45:51

For business, reaching out to your identified target audience through the power of social media is a must for just about all companies as part of their marketing mix.

Business are relatively comfortable using the more popular networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, but there are a couple of other really popular networks, such as Instagram, that often get overlooked as a great way to raise your business profile. 

We're going to share a great infographic and some tips and tricks to help you use Instagram for business and take advantage of a social network that many of your competitors won't be!

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11 Feb

Win more proposals: 5 best online business proposal systems

Posted by Rob Kendal on 11-Feb-2016 19:49:28

At some point towards the end of the sales process it comes time to put down on paper what you and your prospective client have been discussing about which services they require, how the project's going to pan out, and the costs involved. This is where a business proposal comes into play.

There are some great ways to improve your proposal process to help you win more proposals, but even with the best written proposals in the world, you can still plough hours of work into each one as each client requires something different.  Simply keeping up with generating new proposals, keeping track of amendments and chasing sign-off can feel like a part time job in itself.

Fortunately there is a better way: online proposal systems. In this article we're going to take a look at our five best business proposal systems and how you can use them to win more proposals and streamline your processes.

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08 Feb

5 ways to improve online security for small businesses

Posted by Rob Kendal on 08-Feb-2016 11:02:03

Online security is something every business of any size needs to take seriously, both to safeguard confidential data and systems, and prevent customer files falling into the wrong hands.

Additionally, security breaches can cost much more than the initial surface appearance of data loss: the time involved in repairing systems; restoring files (or having to recreate them if lost!); and potential shaken confidence in your business from your customers can all add up to huge financial impacts on your business.

Thankfully, beefing up your business' online security doesn't need to be expensive, complex or time consuming. Here are five things anyone can do to improve online security in their workplace.

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01 Feb

Cash is King: a business owner's guide to the cash flow forecast

Posted by Rob Kendal on 01-Feb-2016 11:48:28

You're running your business and things seem to be going well; you're generating lots of new sales leads and winning new business which is great news, but is it sustainable?

“Of course,” you say “We have contract X, Y and Z starting this month, they make us £50,000 profit”. Then, in one swift move, a rain on your parade accountant (that’s me) comes back with “but profit doesn’t pay invoices, wages or repay bank loans…….cash does.”

So what can you do? My advice, take control! You are the most powerful asset your business has; you know it inside out, and are in the best position to produce the most valuable of all financial documents……..


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28 Jan

Designing a business website: go it alone, or with a digital agency?

Posted by Rob Kendal on 28-Jan-2016 15:47:26

You've identified some good reasons to redesign your business website and you've put a solid plan in place. Great stuff.

Now comes the fun part where your plans, ideas, branding, and digital dreams come to life. But what’s the best way to start the physical design and development work? After all, you need a huge team with lots of graphic designers and developers right? Well, not necessarily.

We're going to explore the different options available to you when designing a business website, be it going it on your own, or employing the help of a creative digital agency.

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22 Jan

How to keep search engine rankings during a website redesign

Posted by Rob Kendal on 22-Jan-2016 08:30:00

Every so often, for a variety of reasons, business' decide to change things up and redesign their website. The problem is, however, that often there are some important aspects that end up overlooked and the end result can end up costing businesses more than they bargained for.

On such aspect is current page value and search engine ranking positions any previous search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts have gained your web pages. 

So, how do you keep search engine rankings flying high during a website redesign? We'll give you our top tips and help you plan your redirect strategy.

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