02 Nov

4 mistakes lead generation companies make when finding business leads

Posted by Rob Kendal on 02-Nov-2015 16:04:00

If you're thinking of looking for a good way to generate business leads then using lead generation companies is a great place to start. In fact, we have a list of some top questions to ask lead generation companies before you commit to them.

However, being able to generate numerous, quality, leads is a fine-art and not without complications, and some trial and error. Make sure you're up to speed with the common pitfalls with our top 4 mistakes lead generation companies stumble into when finding business leads and more importantly, learn to avoid them...

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26 Oct

Know your customer profile: improving sales by working a retail job

Posted by Rob Kendal on 26-Oct-2015 09:04:00

We've talked previously about the importance of knowing your customers, building a strong, realistic picture of your ideal buyer and turning it into a customer profile that you can use to target your best potential customers more effectively. 

But did you know that a great way to understand more about how people buy and the sales process is to work in retail sales? I'm going to share the top lessons I learnt from working a part-time retail job before starting my marketing career.

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14 Oct

Simple & effective real world customer profile example

Posted by Rob Kendal on 14-Oct-2015 12:16:00

How can you reach your ideal customers if you don't know who they are and what they're looking for? Well in our previous post, "3 Steps to create an ideal customer profile and buyer personas", we talked about how you can use your customer knowledge and investigation to create a picture of your ideal customer 

If you're struggling to get started, or would simply like to see an example of a great customer profile then look no further, we've got a great customer profile example for you right here.

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12 Oct

3 Steps to create an ideal customer profile and buyer persona

Posted by Rob Kendal on 12-Oct-2015 12:54:00

Buyer personas, or customer profiles, are semi-fictional generalisationa of your ideal customers.

At the simpler end of the scale, they allow you to personalise your marketing for different segments of your audience. For instance, instead of sending the same emails to everyone in your CRM, you can segment by your buyer personas and tailor your messaging according to what you know about those customer types.

In this post we'll go over 3 easy steps to get you up and running with your first complete customer profile.

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08 Oct

Top 3 causes of cash flow problems in SMEs and how to solve them

Posted by Rob Kendal on 08-Oct-2015 10:16:00

A common reason why a business might not succeed is because of poor cash flow. It sounds simple on the surface: you need more coming in than you have going out. But, like most things this is the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more factors involved in assessing where your cash flow has gone off course and how to steer it true again.

In this article, we'll examine the 3 of the top causes of cash flow problems in small to medium enterprises and some ways to turn things around, pushing that red into the black!

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