24 Nov

Lead generation without cold calling? Inbound Sales to the rescue

Posted by Rob Kendal on 24-Nov-2017 13:34:09

The term lead generation is quite synonymous with the term cold-calling. For years the two terms have gone hand in hand, conjuring images of banks of telesales agents furiously calling down their list in the hope that someone they speak to will buy and their targets will be made for another day...shudder.

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02 Feb

Sales lead generation: 10 best practices for cold calling

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 02-Feb-2017 09:59:37

As we allow technology to take over our lives, many are asking when it's going to take over the world of sales. With social selling on the rise and tech savvy buyers purchasing online, I can literally hear the panic of headsets and and empty targets from my fellow salespeople.

The salesperson is far from becoming a extinct species, but we need to up our games if we're going to survive. Here, I've collected 10 of the best practices for cold-calling in sales lead generation.

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09 Jan

3 reasons you should be using LinkedIn to boost sales lead generation

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 09-Jan-2017 15:29:21

Have you ever wondered whether LinkedIn would support your business, especially when it comes to your sales lead generation strategy? Well, if your customer base is predominately B2B, then the simple answer is yes! 

We're going to share our top 3 reasons why we love LinkedIn and give you 3 reasons why we think you should be making LinkedIn work harder for your sales pipeline.

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01 Dec

Why you should include pricing on your website

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 01-Dec-2016 13:00:23

Pricing, it's a contentious issue. Maybe it's the Britishness in us, or just that we're afraid of putting people off before we get to speak to them, but a question that comes up time and again is 'should you include pricing on your website?'.

We're going to take a look at why we think you should and how including pricing on your website can actually help you be more Inbound!

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21 Oct

7 stats that will help you sell inbound marketing to your boss

Posted by Rob Kendal on 21-Oct-2016 16:09:05


Whether you're a marketer, team leader, or senior sales person, if you've discovered inbound marketing and its potential for huge success, it's quite likely your champing at the bit to start using it in your own business. However, if you're not in a decision making position, you've got some convincing work ahead involving the directors or senior management team.

Don't worry though, we're here to help. We've put together 7 powerful, persuasive facts and figures to help you sell inbound marketing to your boss and highlight how successful inbound marketing can be and why your business should seriously consider making the switch.

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01 Feb

Cash is King: a business owner's guide to the cash flow forecast

Posted by Rob Kendal on 01-Feb-2016 11:48:28

You're running your business and things seem to be going well; you're generating lots of new sales leads and winning new business which is great news, but is it sustainable?

“Of course,” you say “We have contract X, Y and Z starting this month, they make us £50,000 profit”. Then, in one swift move, a rain on your parade accountant (that’s me) comes back with “but profit doesn’t pay invoices, wages or repay bank loans…….cash does.”

So what can you do? My advice, take control! You are the most powerful asset your business has; you know it inside out, and are in the best position to produce the most valuable of all financial documents……..


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07 Jan

How to win more proposals: 10 ways to improve your proposal process

Posted by Rob Kendal on 07-Jan-2016 07:59:22

If your business has a multi-stage sales process, after you've spent time generating leads, you will likely come to a point towards the end where you produce a proposal for your potential client. 

However, no matter how excited the prospective client is you might find that after receiving your proposal they choose to go in another direction and you lose the potential work. 

It's not a great feeling is it?

Losing proposals and the subsequent contracts that come with winning them is a deflating blow following all the hard work that goes into producing them. 

So what goes wrong and how can you win more proposals? Let's explore some great fixes for 10 common sticking points.

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10 Dec

What to include in a buyer persona when customer profiling

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-Dec-2015 07:56:00

Before embarking on any inbound marketing campaign it's best to start right at the beginning by looking into your ideal customers' buying habits and purchasing decisions through the process of creating a set of strong customer profiles.

Although starting with your ideal customers is the right way to kick off a marketing campaign, it's often one of the trickiest parts; knowing what to include in a customer profile and how to go about the customer profiling process can be a daunting prospect, with many businesses leaving it up to chance or guesswork. 

But fear not, help is at hand. As well as our simple 3-step guide, and complete customer profile example, we've scoured the Internet to find a helpful infographic detailing what to include in a buyer persona as well as walking you through the key components that make one up. 

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30 Nov

Can outsourcing IT departments increase SME profits?

Posted by Rob Kendal on 30-Nov-2015 08:00:00

Outsourcing IT departments: can it really increase profits for businesses?

Outsourcing is often a hot topic in general when it comes to business as it can mean job losses, downsizing, or it can be a knee-jerk reaction of struggling businesses as a way to quickly cut costs or free up resources; done wrong, it causes more problems and costs more in the long run as, often, quality starts to slip.

However, done right, outsourcing your business IT needs, or at least elements of them, can be a great way to boost profits, make your business more productive, and remove some of the costs associated with your IT infrastructure.

We'll take a look at some options for outsourcing IT departments, or elements of your business IT set up to maximise your profits. 

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23 Nov

3 ways of using a customer profile for your business

Posted by Rob Kendal on 23-Nov-2015 16:30:00

We've already talked about how to build an effective customer profile and explored a real-world customer profile example of how one might look. You've done the customer profiling research, built up a great picture of your ideal client, understand what they want, how they want it, and where they look to find it. Now what?

Well, whilst here at Red Guerrilla we love to start with our clients' target customers and build marketing campaigns around them, there are other important ways to utilise a great customer profile or buyer persona. 

This week, we've been lucky enough to have a guest post by Claire Davies, a small business copywriter based in Yorkshire, share her thoughts on copywriting and offer up 3 ways to put a customer profile to good use in your business: business blogging; speaking your customers' language; and sharing relevant advice.

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