7 inspirational blog designers to help start a business blog

Posted by Erika Dobson on 29-Oct-2015 11:39:00

When it comes to finding useful, inspirational blogs and blog designers, how do you tell the difference between the good and the bad? Below are some of our top choices of the good inspirational blog designers which we recommend you take a look at.

Keeping a blog to a high standard and up-to-date can be very difficult to do, over the years there has been a numerous amount of blogs which have just faded away so this list includes all the most recent and up-to-date blogs that we think are worthy of a read.

Each blog listed below all focus on the concept of both web design and graphic design.

If you're considering starting a business blog or a website redesign project, the following examples will give you some good inspiration and you can also read some great questions to ask your web designer before you start such a project.

1. Web Designer Depot

In 2010, Web Designer Depot was founded by Walter Apai, a Canadian web designer. Over recent years it has grown enormously into one of the biggest blogs for web designers across the world. Not only does this blog cover the design aspects but also the features of the business side of design. You’ll find detailed articles on numerous topics of each of these. Some of these are listed below:

Web Design Articles: CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, Typography, Usability, Responsive Design.

Business Articles: Resources, Freelancing, Inspiration, Mobile Applications.

screenshot of web designer depot


2. Creative Overflow

Creative Overflow was founded in 2009 by Jacques van Heerden and they’re main purpose was to inspire other artists, in hope for them to better themselves. They deliver written articles, tutorials, resources, inspiration, etc. through their online design magazine.

screenshot of creative overflow


3. Designrfix

Designrfix is a graphic and web design blog that involves an idea of evolving art through the thoughtful exchange of technique and inspiration. The main topics that they offer are inspiration, tutorials, freebies resources, graphic design, web design and deals.

 screenshot of designrfix


4. Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design Studio created a blog, ideally named the same. Their idea was to equip creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs with the right tools to make their business venture a success. To reach their goal, they hope to provide designers, photographers, etc. with the latest design news and trends and supplying them with the creative bouts of inspiration.

screenshot of vandelay design


5. Just Creative

Jacob Cass is a multi-purpose graphic design and the creator of ‘Just Creative’. With his impressive portfolio, career and knowledge, he covers a wide range of design related material, some of these being: logo design, print design, advertising, typographic, branding, web design, etc. His past clients have included Disney, Nintendo, Nike, Red Bull and the list goes on.

screenshot of just creative


6. The Next Web (Design & Dev) 

The Next Web is one of the largest online magazines in the world. Founded in 2006, they hoped to deliver an international perspective on the latest news about internet technology, business and culture. The blog doesn’t just cover deign but a wide range of topics. Their Design & Dev channel gives a greater volume than most of the other web design blogs listed.

screenshot of the next web


7. Swiss Miss

SwissMiss was created in 2005 by a Swiss designer named Tina Roth Eisenberg. With her great mind of creativity, business savvy and art-based community, her blog has become a popular design journal with an average of 1 million unique visitors a month. It consists of great inspiration, design business insights and much more.

screenshot of swiss miss



However these are not the only good blogs that are on the internet, they’re just some of the ones that we think are useful, inspirational and most recent. They are also not listed in any rank order just simply in the way we loaded the pages.

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Written by Erika Dobson

Erika is an inbound certified marketing consultant at Red Guerrilla Marketing. She’s a vital cog in the creation of great inbound content, and management of our clients’ marketing campaigns.
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