3 ways of using a customer profile for your business

Posted by Rob Kendal on 23-Nov-2015 16:30:00

We've already talked about how to build an effective customer profile and explored a real-world customer profile example of how one might look. You've done the customer profiling research, built up a great picture of your ideal client, understand what they want, how they want it, and where they look to find it. Now what?

Well, whilst here at Red Guerrilla we love to start with our clients' target customers and build marketing campaigns around them, there are other important ways to utilise a great customer profile or buyer persona. 

This week, we've been lucky enough to have a guest post by Claire Davies, a small business copywriter based in Yorkshire, share her thoughts on copywriting and offer up 3 ways to put a customer profile to good use in your business: business blogging; speaking your customers' language; and sharing relevant advice.

Image showing a business fleshing out their customer profile and buyer personas

Over to Claire...

As a copywriter who celebrates the role of valuable, meaningful business copy, I can often be heard extolling the virtues of a thoughtfully conceived customer profile. But how many of us know how to put it to good use - and how is it essential when writing effective business copy?

Here are 3 great ways to put your valuable buyer personas to good use.

1 - Write a blog

Image showing a hand about to pen a business blog using their customer profile as a starting pointAs well as being one of the cornerstones of a great inbound marketing campaign, a well written blog is an invaluable tool when communicating with potential clients. It is a simple way to tell your brand story, place you as an expert in the field and can even help with Google ranking.

So how does your customer profile come into play when producing a blog?

A good customer profile will guide you as to the beliefs and priorities of your ideal client. Address these in a regular blog post - include case studies and share expert advice on overcoming hurdles. Perhaps you know that a typical client is also interested in green issues or is a parent of young children. Look for ways that you can write about the topics that will keep readers coming back for more.

Post regularly and try to be current with the content. All of this shows potential customers that you share their belief systems, you are expert in the field - and you will be fresh in their minds when they do decide to take action.

2 - Are you speaking their language?

The second excellent use for a customer profile is in deciding on the language and tone of voice for your copy. Does your ideal customer understand the technical terms used in the industry? If so then make good use of them. If not, translate the language into layman’s terms. Although try not to sound condescending to a potential customer.

Consider the sort of tone appropriate to this particular sort of reader. An older age group may prefer a different tone to a young adult profile. Remember, every time you communicate through written copy you are writing to the very heart of your ideal client.

3 - Show that you understand customer challenges

There is a common saying in copywriting terms. ‘Make the customer the hero’. This isn’t empty marketing jargon. Use your customer profile to identify the challenges that an ideal client faces in daily life and show them that you understand.

As with the blog, share meaningful advice that they can put into practice. Every sentence must show a potential customer how you benefit them, rather simply outlining the features of your product or service.

How will you make their lives easier, help them save money or make them feel unique? Your customer profile should act as a guideline on exactly which of these questions they are most likely to respond to so that you can write the copy accordingly.


How does copywriting play a part in success customer profiling?

Building a great, realistic customer profile is essential to be able to build out an effective marketing campaign and get the most from it.

However, building a winning buyer persona is just the start of it. Your messages, services, products, and associated marketing materials should all speak to one or more of your ideal clients. Copywriters can help you to find your brand's 'voice' and put together copy that speaks to your ideal clients to help you sell more effectively. 

Claire Davies, Yorkshire copywriting services

Claire Davies, The Greedy Wordsmith, profile picture and logoWe'd like to say a huge thanks to Claire Davies for her valuable insights into using a customer profile to write better business copy. 

Claire is a copywriter with a passion for supporting small business and the food and drink industry. In addition to her specialist food writing skills she works with small to medium sized business in communicating their brand story, ethos and core values to their ideal client. Claire writes regular features looking at the story of our food and cookery skills alongside her own blog The Greedy Wordsmith.

If you'd like to know more about copywriting services and how you can get the most from your marketing copy, then head over to Claire's website to read more examples of great copy, see her services, and learn more about how to speak to your customer through your words.

You can follow her on her twitter account, @greedywordsmith, and see what she's been up to recently.

All that's left is to say 'go forth and engage with your ideal customers through words that speak to them and their needs'.


 Build brilliant customer profiles and buyer personas with our handy worksheet

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Written by Rob Kendal

Rob has enjoyed a rewarding career in technology, from IT infrastructure through to software development, working with clients such as Virgin Holidays and the NHS. He understands the needs, challenges and logistics involved in making technology work for business and how to market it effectively.
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