The influence of Instagram for business

Posted by Rob Kendal on 30-Nov-2017 11:25:06

Social media can be one of the best sources of traffic for your website and can give buyers the opportunity to engage with your business in more personalised ways and in a manner that suits their particular buying habits

One of the most influential platforms out there today is Instagram and we have a brilliant infographic to share on the rise and rise of Instagram and how it's affecting buying decisions.

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Leverage the Power of Instagram in Marketing: Instagram Influencers

Social media helps amplify and boost marketing your efforts which is why every business should strive to run a successful social media campaign. In particular, this post looks to delve into Instagram for business. Quick stats indicate that concerning the number of monthly users, only Facebook (2B users) and YouTube (1.5B users) trump Instagram. However, no other social media sites beat Instagram regarding growth. Between 2014 (launch year) and 2017 Instagram has registered a tremendous growth of 357% way ahead of Facebook, 57% and YouTube, 50% within the same span.

Instagram Buyers Have Better Buying Potential

The buying power of Instagram continues to soar each passing day. To put it into perspective, approximately 72 percent of the Instagram users have at one time decided to purchase something just because they saw it.

When compared to the rest of the social media sites, Instagram has an unparalleled influence on the buying habits:

  • Instagram has 51% percent influence on the users buying habits,
  • followed by Facebook (23%)
  • and Pinterest (22%).
  • Snapchat trails the list with only 1% influence on the buyer's behaviour.

Let's take a look at some key statistics on Instagram and how it's influencing purchasing habits.

Influence of Instagram on E-commerce (Infographic)infographic from X-Cart on the influence of Instagram for business

Instagram Influencers Are the Game Changers

You’re dead wrong if you thought the intense hunt for IG influencers is just some hype waiting to die down soon? The race has just kicked off, and stats show that approximately 70 percent of the top brands are currently using IG Influencers for their marketing campaigns. That’s not all – 71% of the marketers have expressed a huge desire to understand Instagram. In 2017 alone, Instagram influencer ad spend is $1.1B. It's projected to hit $1.6B in 2018 and $2.3B in 2019.

Advocates Guarantee Better Buyer Engagement

On Instagram, below the ladder are the advocates who have 0-5K followers while Celebrities lead with more than 1M followers. Contrary to what you might imagine, advocates drive better engagement when compared to the celebrities. An advocate promises a high engagement rate of 8% while a celebrity, with the highest number of followers, offers measly engagement rate of 1.6%.

Unlock the Untapped Opportunities of Working with Advocates

With better engagement comes higher conversion rates. If you sponsor your post with an advocate, there 26% chances of influencing the buyer's behaviour. Compare that to sponsoring a post with a celebrity which has an influence of only 2% on the buyers’ habits.

It’s sensible to argue that the ideology that working with a celebrity who commands a huge following is better than an advocate is a big lie given that their engagement is too low. What’s more, with an advocate, you’ll save a bunch of money because, as would be expected, sponsoring posts with them is much cheaper in comparison to celebrities who’ll charge premiums yet bring no significant results.

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