02 Feb

Sales lead generation: 10 best practices for cold calling

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 02-Feb-2017 09:59:37

As we allow technology to take over our lives, many are asking when it's going to take over the world of sales. With social selling on the rise and tech savvy buyers purchasing online, I can literally hear the panic of headsets and and empty targets from my fellow salespeople.

The salesperson is far from becoming a extinct species, but we need to up our games if we're going to survive. Here, I've collected 10 of the best practices for cold-calling in sales lead generation.

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Topics: B2B Sales

26 Jan

Inbound marketing on a shoestring: learn inbound marketing for free

Posted by Rob Kendal on 26-Jan-2017 14:04:55

We're an inbound agency and we love all things inbound, let's just get that out of the way. We've seen the power that inbound has to attract more of your ideal customers and start better sales conversations.

However, although the inbound methodology is far from new, there's a definite lag in the UK market around understanding and harnessing the power of inbound. The two main barriers are lack of knowledge and agency management costs.

Well, here's the good news: we're going to show you how you can both learn more about inbound and how to learn inbound marketing for free - well, as close to free as possible.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

20 Jan

Using social media for marketing: LinkedIn best practices

Posted by Rob Kendal on 20-Jan-2017 12:36:40

We love the good folks over at Sprout Social. They offer a market-leading social media platform and are all-round good guys. They also write a lot of helpful content around social media and how using social media for marketing can help drive leads and grow your network.

In our latest article, we're going to share an outstanding infographic of theirs on LinkedIn best practices - how to use it for your business and how LinkedIn can become a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. 

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10 Jan

Productivity hacking part 2: want, can, have

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-Jan-2017 15:30:19

In part 1 of our productivity hacking article, we talked about the system we use at CreatedRed Media, The 3 T's of superior productivity. Now, in the exciting conclusion, we'll be introducing another method that works for us and helps us squeeze the most out of every minute - the Want, Can, Have method.

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09 Jan

3 reasons you should be using LinkedIn to boost sales lead generation

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 09-Jan-2017 15:29:21

Have you ever wondered whether LinkedIn would support your business, especially when it comes to your sales lead generation strategy? Well, if your customer base is predominately B2B, then the simple answer is yes! 

We're going to share our top 3 reasons why we love LinkedIn and give you 3 reasons why we think you should be making LinkedIn work harder for your sales pipeline.

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Topics: Social Media Lead Generation B2B Sales

01 Dec

Why you should include pricing on your website

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 01-Dec-2016 13:00:23

Pricing, it's a contentious issue. Maybe it's the Britishness in us, or just that we're afraid of putting people off before we get to speak to them, but a question that comes up time and again is 'should you include pricing on your website?'.

We're going to take a look at why we think you should and how including pricing on your website can actually help you be more Inbound!

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Topics: B2B Sales

29 Nov

Essential digital marketing tools for 2017 [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 29-Nov-2016 07:46:18

It's been quite the year in 2016, but as we look to 2017 and beyond, it's always a good idea to get your marketing strategy in order for the upcoming weeks and months. We're very much about the use of tools and apps to aid our marketing and we've never lived in as golden an age as we do today. 

Thanks to the clever folks at Smart Insights, we just had to share their stunning essential digital marketing tools for 2017, an infographic highlighting the best of breed tools and software platforms for the different parts of the inbound marketing lifecycle.

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Topics: Guides & Infographics

21 Nov

Best blog article length: what is the ideal length for a blog post?

Posted by Andy Allerton on 21-Nov-2016 08:01:45

We've written a number of articles on reasons why you should start a blog and how to go about creating one. I've even presented at a number of events, extolling the virtues of reaching your ideal clients through content and blogging.

But one question keeps coming up time and again: just what is the ideal length for a blog post? Well, it's time to find out through research-backed evidence and plain old science! 

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Topics: Business Blogging

14 Nov

Productivity hacking part 1: the three T's of superior productivity

Posted by Rob Kendal on 14-Nov-2016 08:45:00

Being able to achieve more with our time has always been a strong focus in our business. We've spent a lot of time and trial and error working out the best system to help our team produce better work in less time, with fewer resources.

In a two-part article, we're going to take a dive into the productivity hacking techniques and processes we've spent time honing and finely tuning to help us maximise our output whilst maintaining our quality. They work for us and they can work for you too!

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Topics: Guides & Infographics

07 Nov

Facebook Workplace alternatives: 5 great options you can use instead

Posted by Andy Allerton on 07-Nov-2016 12:10:20

Facebook recently announced a completely new service for businesses looking to improve their communications, Facebook Workplace. It looks great, and it has some big names already using it to boost productivity and communicate better. However, it isn't free and, although Facebook's personal platform is well-established and proven, Facebook Workplace is a new player to the marketplace.

If you're considering Facebook Workplace, but aren't sure, or would like to see some other options, then we've got 5 powerful Facebook Workplace alternatives to explore.

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