Marketing planning process: 11 steps to marketing strategy gold

Posted by Rob Kendal on 09-May-2017 09:08:00

There are lots of ways to plan out your company's marketing strategy, but the best marketing planning process will start with your goals (making them SMART of course!) and your customers.

We've unearthed a great infographic covering 11 steps and areas to consider in your marketing planning process to make sure you're exploring all the digital marketing avenues open to you when setting out on your next campaign or period of growth.

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How's your marketing planning process?

You wouldn't expect a builder to start chucking bricks around without some guide to follow from a planner or architect. Yet, businesses can easily underestimate the value of a solid digital marketing plan and having the foundations in place before spending money on arbitrary activities such as PPC, a new website or search engine optimisation.

Now, you can go as complex or as shallow as you wish when it comes to the marketing planning process, but when we're mapping out a tailored marketing strategy blueprint for our clients, we strip it all back to marketing objectives and the buyer persona or customer profile.

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What other steps are involved?

From a strong understanding of the business needs and the business' customers, it's more straightforward to explore available marketing opportunities and avenues to reach those customers.

And the digital landscape today is not short of ways to reach your target audience. The following infographic shows off the most popular and effect marketing means and breaks the activities down into 11 key parts of the marketing planning process. 

Digital marketing strategy inforgraphic showing the steps involved in the marketing planning process(right click and 'open in new tab' for a larger version)

Infographic key points

Whilst not a comprehensive guide or an exhaustive list of how to plan and create your marketing strategy, it does a great job of highlighting the major players in the planning process.

Here are the main takeaways from the graphic

  1. Start with your marketing objectives and goals
  2. Build out strong buyer personas for your best, ideal customers
  3. Identify your competitors and research their activities
  4. Assign rules and roles within your team
  5. Conduct search engine research
  6. Develop a content marketing plan
  7. Create a social media plan for promotion and engagement
  8. Map out a lead nurturing strategy through email marketing
  9. Leverage mobile opportunities - it can account for almost 50% your traffic!
  10. Explore your affiliate opportunities
  11. Measure, measure, measure!


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