How to use Instagram for business [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 15-Feb-2016 13:45:51

For business, reaching out to your identified target audience through the power of social media is a must for just about all companies as part of their marketing mix.

Business are relatively comfortable using the more popular networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, but there are a couple of other really popular networks, such as Instagram, that often get overlooked as a great way to raise your business profile. 

We're going to share a great infographic and some tips and tricks to help you use Instagram for business and take advantage of a social network that many of your competitors won't be!

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Social  media for business is a vital part of modern marketing

With just about everyone and their dog opening their smart phone multiple times a day to check one or more social networking accounts, it's fair to say that social media is here to stay and, for business, a necessary means to reach your buyer personas.

The interesting thing about social media is that it isn't limited to particular age groups or specific demographics. It's just as popular with young as it is old, wealthy as it is less affluent; this means that no matter your business audience, they can be found updating statuses, taking selfies, and generally catching up on the latest news.

The trick to social media is knowing what can work for your business and choosing where to spend your time wisely to maximise your business' social marketing. 

Popular options for businesses venturing into social media are Facebook, Twitter (we have some excellent guides on using twitter for business, and running a successful social media campaign), LinkedIn, Google+ (although some have their misgivings about that one) and Pinterest (you can follow the Red Guerrilla Pinterest page for more marketing ideas), 

So, what about Instagram for business?

One of most underused social platforms for businesses is Instagram. Acquired by Facebook way back in April 2012, Instagram is very much centred around visual media, namely videos and pictures with their infamous filters and vignettes. 

It's hard to ignore the opportunity for clever businesses to grow a solid following on the popular network when Instagram boasts over 150 million users world-wide.

It does, however, require a slightly different mindset to get the best from Instagram for business. Instagram is very much a place to show off your brand and its personality. Business-related posts should be kept right down to a minimum, as low as 20% of all content.

But it's not all heavily filtered photos of landscapes with inspiring quotes overlaid on them. For example, some great uses for your business might be:

  • Showing off behind the scenes action from your office;
  • Sharing 'work in progress' of your product, design, building, etc.;
  • Snapping your most recent happy customers using your product / service;
  • Posting some 'views from our office right now' style posts;

Which businesses are right for Instagram?

The truth is, there is no 'best fit' for Instagram. Sure, there are some types of company that align more easily and these tend to be those that live in the creative arena: photographers, design agencies, or artists, for example. But just because you're a financial services firm, or solicitors doesn't mean that you can't start running a successful campaign. 

If anything, a non-traditional Instagram 'best fit' business is more likely to help you stand out as your competition is much more likely to be put off from having an account.

Just remember, it's about personality, fun, and showing off what you're good at in a friendly and relatable way.

Using Instagram for business

To help you get your business off to a great start on Instagram, we've got a great infographic jam-packed with helpful statistics, set up advice, and the sort of content your business can start posting to really grow your Instagram audience.

 Helpful infographic showing how to use Instagram for business
(Image source: Gerry McGivney, Pinterest)

Embrace a new way to reach your audience

So there you have it. Hopefully our handy infographic will help you get started on your path to Instagram greatness.

Remember to post regularly, show off your brand's personality and unique qualities, and get stuck in with the active community, answering questions, liking other accounts and posts, and more importantly, stay consistent!

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Written by Rob Kendal

Rob has enjoyed a rewarding career in technology, from IT infrastructure through to software development, working with clients such as Virgin Holidays and the NHS. He understands the needs, challenges and logistics involved in making technology work for business and how to market it effectively.
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