How to improve your marketing with Google Analytics data [infographic]

Posted by Erika Dobson on 29-Dec-2015 07:50:00

Google's favourite analytical tool has become one of the de facto ways to measure, track and analyse website traffic and using Google Analytics (GA) to improve your marketing can be a hugely valuable experience for any business. 

However, despite its popularity, GA still leaves a large majority of people unsure on what it is that the platform does or what it can do to help your website improve.

If this sounds familiar, or you'd simply like to know more about how to leverage the GA power then fear not. We're here with a comprehensive infographic to help you better understand the finer points of the tool and how to use it to improve your marketing!

Listen to the metrics

In creating any marketing plan, or setting SMART goals, one of the most important parts of the process is to be able measure the results with a view to repeating successful ones. In fact, not focussing on the metrics is one of the mistakes a lot of lead generation companies make when looking to help find you new clients.

And even though modern digital marketing is a large collection of different puzzle pieces (website, social media, blogging, SEO, SEM, etc.), the most successful approaches - such as inbound marketing - are designed to essentially attract potential clients to your online information portal, be it your business website or blog, or both.

Being able to analyse the facts and figures of what's happening on these portals in order to hit your marketing objectives is therefore vital.

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When it comes to this measuring and tracking of your website or blog, Google Analytics is king amongst business owners and web professionals alike as it allows you to gather and view all sorts of data such as:

  • Where your traffic is coming from - which country, social media platform, etc.;
  • What browsers and devices are people using to view your website;
  • What people are doing during their visit  and which pages are most popular;

It also caters to a range of different audiences within your business, be it a high-level overview or a more detailed, drilled-down statistical report.

However, some confusing terms such as 'bounce rate' and 'sessions', coupled with the sheer volume of data available are what put most business users off and stop them getting the most from this fantastic (FREE!) tool.

So, what's the best way to use GA to track what's happening on your website or blog and make improvements to your marketing based on the results?

This handy infographic will give you a great insight on how to use it to your advantage, improve your marketing, and increase the traffic to your website by doing more of what's working well and improving what isn't. 

Infographic showing how to improve your marketing with google analytics
Image Source (Digital Information World)

Measure, improve, measure, improve, repeat 

Although often misunderstood and misused, the Google Analytics platform is a hugely valuable tool for improving your marketing efforts through data.

Hopefully this infographic, will give you some great pointers on the different aspects of visitor data that Google Analytics provides and how you can use it to achieve different marketing goals. 

Armed with a better knowledge of how to improve and increase your traffic, conversion rates, generate custom reports and tailor your content, you should be able to help your business reach it's best potential and be a Google Analytics superhero!

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Written by Erika Dobson

Erika is an inbound certified marketing consultant at Red Guerrilla Marketing. She’s a vital cog in the creation of great inbound content, and management of our clients’ marketing campaigns.
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