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Posted by Erika Dobson on 27-May-2016 14:52:58

Every day, people are creating new and different ways to market a business. Because of this, it has become very difficult to keep track of the latest ways to formulate a marketing plan and create a better marketing strategy.

To benefit your company and beat the competition, it is important to keep on top of the latest methods of marketing your business and see how you can leverage anything new and relevant that they bring to the table. However, the main struggle is choosing which marketing type will benefit your business the most and when to switch tactics to follow them.

We're going to look at the prevailing marketing trends that the 2016 marketing landscape offers...

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Marketing comes in many forms

There are four distinct types of marketing that are prevalent in the current 2016 landscape and look set to take us with them into the next few years. You can see them given an overview with some very interesting statistics provided in an infographic from the clever folks at Sideqik.

The infographic ticks the current marketing trends explained box, but also provides some food for thought on how these trends might be applied in your business to boost sales. Try working with two or more in conjunction and see what works best for you.

Content marketing

Content marketing is closely aligned to inbound marketing (for all there are some subtle, and quite distinct differences). With content marketing, much like inbound, the aim is to reach your intended audience and buyer personas through content that they want to consume. 

It might be helping them solve a problem, or addressing some kind of question they have about your services and products or your business industry. Whatever the reason, the intention is to reach your audience earlier in their particular purchase journey to position your company as a good choice to meet their needs before  they start looking around for other suppliers.

Affinity marketing

There has always been a huge benefit to been had from working with other companies to help promote each other's services. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the ways we recommend to generate money from your business blog.

It's also not a particularly new practice either: for many years businesses have worked together to help share in each other's customer base. 

Affinity marketing is used more heavily by big brands (e.g. Activition, just as in the infographic) to partner with other brands to exploit their particular marketing channels and reach new audiences.

Think of as being able to reach your friends, their friends and friends of their friends; share the voices, raise the size of your audience.

Event marketing

Events, conferences, meet-ups. However you spin it, an in-person appearance is one of the ultimate ways to engage your target audience. With statistics showing that close to half of prospects convert when face to face, it's easy to see why event marketing can be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. 

Organising, hosting and running and event can be a bit of a gamble as you can often spread your focus too thinly, and it take quite an investment in time and money to physically get the event started and promoted. However, done right, it is a very effective means of reaching a group of prospects all at once and getting your points across much better than through other, non face to face means - in fact, it can yield up to 5x return on investment!

Digital marketing

Digital marketing means different things to different people, but generally it refers to a collection of digital activites used to market your services and products. Content marketing and digital marketing are very closely aligned and often use each other to reach a business' ideal customers. 

Using popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote video content and sending targeted, contextual emails are some of the popular ways in which digital marketing is used to promote a business.

One of the most compelling factors about promoting via digital means is that generally the biggest cost is the time involved to carry out, monitor, and repeat the activities. Because of this, the costs of marketing digitally over traditional physical means can be significantly reduced, which is good for business and your ROI.

Infographic showing the various types of marketing trends in the marketplace today
Source (Marketing infographic by Sideqik)


Marketing has changed a lot, so see what works for you

Armed with the infographic above, you should have a good idea of the basics behind the current most popular approaches to marketing happening today and how they can help your business in different ways.

With this in mind, you should be able to identify which of them will work best for your company and give you some new marketing approaches to start using to generate strong business leads.

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