Generate more business leads with social media: a starter guide

Posted by Erika Dobson on 19-Nov-2015 20:39:49

Twitter is a great platform for getting involved in social media for business. In fact, we've got a great article to help you get involved with Twitter hours to start generating business leads. But what about your other social media options? Which ones are right for your business and what sort of content is right for each platform?
Let's explore why social media is an important part of the business marketing landscape, from engaging with customers directly to re-enforcing your brand, and raising your online profile...

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Getting social with your business

Social media has become an essential marketing area within a business and to increase your company’s presence, you should be active on various social media networks. If you are considering using social media for business, you should decide what platforms you are going to list on, what benefit they are to your brand and how they can help you.
For example: social networks such as Facebook are very low maintenance and are versatile to every business whereas Instagram need more dedication and only work for niche brands.

The benefits of social media for business

1. Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience

As a business it is important to know your audience and social media makes this possible. Tools such as Facebook Insights in Hootsuite allows you to learn the languages spoken by your audience and their age and gender. This information is vital has you can cater your campaigns and product offers around your audience.

Target customers with social media - a picture of a dart2. Social media helps target audiences more effectively

Geo-targeting allows you to send your message to a specific audience or to people based on their location. Facebook and Twitter offer tools which allow you to communicate to the correct audience depending on your content.

Example: Hootsuite allows you to target by location, gender, age, education, relationship status, interested in, etc.

3. Social media helps find new customers and expand your audience.

Some social media like Twitter allow businesses to find their current or potential customers. The Geo Search in Hootsuite can locate anyone that is tweeting about a relevance to your company. Once you have found these, you can begin to reach out to them.

4. Social media allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers' perspective

Social networks can give you an instant access to all feedback about your business, whether that is positive or negative. This provides you with a valuable insight of the customer’s perspective.

Image representing a social media intelligence - a hand squeezing a brain5. Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors with social media

Social media monitoring can give you key information about your competitors which can improve your market intelligence. This will allow you to make strategic business decisions to be ahead of your competition.

6. Social media can help increase website traffic and search ranking

One of the main benefits of using social media for your business is to use it for increasing your website traffic. It helps directing people to your website but also the more shares you have, the higher you will appear in a search ranking.

7. Share content easier and faster with social media

The use of social media allows you to share content easier and faster. When sharing content about your business, you need to make sure that your social media content aligns with your brand and interests your audience.

8. Social media helps generate leads for one third of the cost

Generating leads is easy with social media. Sharing content on social media is a good way for a business to generate leads.

9. Create meaningful relationships with customers through social media

You can create great and meaningful relationships who your customers by using social media. The dialogue between businesses and customers is where traditional advertising lacks.

Image representing brand awareness through social media - a close up of an eye10. Social media lets you increase brand awareness and reach with little to no budget

Social media now allows companies to increase their brand awareness with little to no cost. Traditional advertising methods have a lot higher budget to participate in these strategies.

Best social media platforms for your business

Twitter logo

Who should use it? - Everyone - individuals to large corporations
Content - Lead conversations, direct interaction with brands and customers
Ideal Post Frequency - Multiple times per day

Facebook logo Facebook
Who should use it? - Everyone - individuals and businesses
Content -  All content types - events, ads, photos, etc
Ideal Post Frequency - Once/Twice a day
Instagram logo Instagram
Who should use it? - Brands involving lifestyle, food, fashion, etc.
Content - Visual content - images and short videos (15 seconds)
Ideal Post Frequency - Once a day
LinkedIn logo LinkedIn
Who should use it? - Businesses, Recruiters and Job-Seekers
Content - Job postings, company descriptions, employee search, business articles
Ideal Post Frequency -2-4 times a week
Pinterest logo Pinterest
Who should use it? - Fashion, food, design & visual brands, travel brands, etc.
Content - Creative and visual content, infographics and visual guides
Ideal Post Frequency - Multiple times a day
YouTube logo

Who should use it? - Brands with video content/ads
Content - Short videos - approximately 1 - 2 minutes long
Ideal Post Frequency - Once/twice a week

Find the right social media platform for your business and boost your lead generation

This article should give you a clear understanding of what is to be expected of each social network site as well as the benefits they all provide. Depending on your business type, some will benefit you more than others.

It is important for you to distinguish which these are and decide which you should feature your business on to begin creating business leads and growing your brand through the power of social media. 

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