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I have spent the last four years in a sales environment working my way from advisor through to management. My experience within the education sector is allowing me to support employers and organisations in this sector within my current in marketing. I am passionate about client relations and going the extra mile is second nature.
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02 Feb

Sales lead generation: 10 best practices for cold calling

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 02-Feb-2017 09:59:37

As we allow technology to take over our lives, many are asking when it's going to take over the world of sales. With social selling on the rise and tech savvy buyers purchasing online, I can literally hear the panic of headsets and and empty targets from my fellow salespeople.

The salesperson is far from becoming a extinct species, but we need to up our games if we're going to survive. Here, I've collected 10 of the best practices for cold-calling in sales lead generation.

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Topics: B2B Sales

09 Jan

3 reasons you should be using LinkedIn to boost sales lead generation

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 09-Jan-2017 15:29:21

Have you ever wondered whether LinkedIn would support your business, especially when it comes to your sales lead generation strategy? Well, if your customer base is predominately B2B, then the simple answer is yes! 

We're going to share our top 3 reasons why we love LinkedIn and give you 3 reasons why we think you should be making LinkedIn work harder for your sales pipeline.

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Topics: Social Media Lead Generation B2B Sales

01 Dec

Why you should include pricing on your website

Posted by Vicky Limerick on 01-Dec-2016 13:00:23

Pricing, it's a contentious issue. Maybe it's the Britishness in us, or just that we're afraid of putting people off before we get to speak to them, but a question that comes up time and again is 'should you include pricing on your website?'.

We're going to take a look at why we think you should and how including pricing on your website can actually help you be more Inbound!

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Topics: B2B Sales

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