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Rob has enjoyed a rewarding career in technology, from IT infrastructure through to software development, working with clients such as Virgin Holidays and the NHS. He understands the needs, challenges and logistics involved in making technology work for business and how to market it effectively.
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26 Jan

Inbound marketing on a shoestring: learn inbound marketing for free

Posted by Rob Kendal on 26-Jan-2017 14:04:55

We're an inbound agency and we love all things inbound, let's just get that out of the way. We've seen the power that inbound has to attract more of your ideal customers and start better sales conversations.

However, although the inbound methodology is far from new, there's a definite lag in the UK market around understanding and harnessing the power of inbound. The two main barriers are lack of knowledge and agency management costs.

Well, here's the good news: we're going to show you how you can both learn more about inbound and how to learn inbound marketing for free - well, as close to free as possible.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

20 Jan

Using social media for marketing: LinkedIn best practices

Posted by Rob Kendal on 20-Jan-2017 12:36:40

We love the good folks over at Sprout Social. They offer a market-leading social media platform and are all-round good guys. They also write a lot of helpful content around social media and how using social media for marketing can help drive leads and grow your network.

In our latest article, we're going to share an outstanding infographic of theirs on LinkedIn best practices - how to use it for your business and how LinkedIn can become a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. 

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Topics: Social Media Guides & Infographics

10 Jan

Productivity hacking part 2: want, can, have

Posted by Rob Kendal on 10-Jan-2017 15:30:19

In part 1 of our productivity hacking article, we talked about the system we use at CreatedRed Media, The 3 T's of superior productivity. Now, in the exciting conclusion, we'll be introducing another method that works for us and helps us squeeze the most out of every minute - the Want, Can, Have method.

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Topics: Guides & Infographics

29 Nov

Essential digital marketing tools for 2017 [infographic]

Posted by Rob Kendal on 29-Nov-2016 07:46:18

It's been quite the year in 2016, but as we look to 2017 and beyond, it's always a good idea to get your marketing strategy in order for the upcoming weeks and months. We're very much about the use of tools and apps to aid our marketing and we've never lived in as golden an age as we do today. 

Thanks to the clever folks at Smart Insights, we just had to share their stunning essential digital marketing tools for 2017, an infographic highlighting the best of breed tools and software platforms for the different parts of the inbound marketing lifecycle.

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Topics: Guides & Infographics

14 Nov

Productivity hacking part 1: the three T's of superior productivity

Posted by Rob Kendal on 14-Nov-2016 08:45:00

Being able to achieve more with our time has always been a strong focus in our business. We've spent a lot of time and trial and error working out the best system to help our team produce better work in less time, with fewer resources.

In a two-part article, we're going to take a dive into the productivity hacking techniques and processes we've spent time honing and finely tuning to help us maximise our output whilst maintaining our quality. They work for us and they can work for you too!

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25 Oct

8 vanity marketing metrics to ignore and what to analyse instead

Posted by Rob Kendal on 25-Oct-2016 14:36:54

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of facts, figures, stats and metrics to take a look at and keep your eyes on. But there are so many, it's easy to get excited about the wrong ones, interpret the data incorrectly, or be distracted by others. 

Let's take a little time to understand which of the major and most common marketing metrics to ignore and the alternatives you should be paying attention to.

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21 Oct

7 stats that will help you sell inbound marketing to your boss

Posted by Rob Kendal on 21-Oct-2016 16:09:05


Whether you're a marketer, team leader, or senior sales person, if you've discovered inbound marketing and its potential for huge success, it's quite likely your champing at the bit to start using it in your own business. However, if you're not in a decision making position, you've got some convincing work ahead involving the directors or senior management team.

Don't worry though, we're here to help. We've put together 7 powerful, persuasive facts and figures to help you sell inbound marketing to your boss and highlight how successful inbound marketing can be and why your business should seriously consider making the switch.

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Topics: B2B Sales Inbound Marketing

03 Oct

Advertising vs Marketing: what's the difference & why is it important?

Posted by Rob Kendal on 03-Oct-2016 07:08:00

At some point, you're going to want to shout to the world about your products and services, but what's the best way to do it? Short term advertising, or the long game of marketing? Is there a difference?

For many people the two words are just interchangeable terms that describe the same thing. In this modern world of digital marketing, they're more like two sides of the same coin, closely linked and supporting one another. Yet there is a distinct difference when it comes to advertising vs marketing in the digital world.

By understanding the differences in approach and execution, you'll be able to make better use of your marketing and advertising partners and help get the best for your budget.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

19 Sep

Inbound marketing for tech companies: 5 ways to improve tech marketing

Posted by Rob Kendal on 19-Sep-2016 13:08:59

We meet a lot of businesses that struggle in one way or another to generate new leads, fill their sales funnel, and essentially, get their message out there.

One of the most common industries that finds marketing a big challenge is technology. Whether this is a physical technology product, such as 3D printing, or a virtual solution, such as ecommerce analytics, technology businesses can find themselves missing the mark when it comes to their messaging. 

So how can we help improve marketing for tech companies? Why, by learning to be more inbound of course. Oh, and some of these great ideas...

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15 Sep

Business Checklist: 8 steps to Search Engine Optimisation success

Posted by Rob Kendal on 15-Sep-2016 13:06:00

Recently, we were introduced to a fantastic infographic by our marketing cousins over at Digital Marketing Philippines. Their really helpful guide to building a stronger search ranking through 8 simple search engine optimisation steps will help business owners gain exposure in search, and will help digital markers add new techniques to their repertoire.

So let's dive in and explore some simple steps for search engine optimisation success.

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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