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Erika is an inbound certified marketing consultant at Red Guerrilla Marketing. She’s a vital cog in the creation of great inbound content, and management of our clients’ marketing campaigns.

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24 Aug

8 basic social media marketing mistakes to avoid [infographic]

Posted by Erika Dobson on 24-Aug-2016 13:46:48

With the amount of resources available to social media marketers, you’d think it would be easy to start the ball rolling with your social media marketing. However, this isn’t the case for many new marketers and businesses venturing into the social media sphere for the first time.

Trying to start up your social media marketing alone or in a hurry is usually where errors are introduced and mistakes are made.

We've got a great infographic to share from the clever folks at Digital Marketing Philippines that highlight some of the most common social media marketing mistakes to watch out for and improve.

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12 Aug

5 free tools for online document management

Posted by Erika Dobson on 12-Aug-2016 08:40:03

The way that people create and manage documents is changing. More and more people are moving away from messy paperwork, contracts, lists or notes lying around their office desk.

But how can you make sure your documents are safe, don't get lost, and making digital copies of physical files is a smooth and reliable process? Well, you're in luck! We're going to examine 5 free tools for online document management.

This week, we're pleased to feature a guest article by the team at Investintech, a Canadian software development company doing clever things with PDF technology. 

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27 May

Current marketing trends explained and how they compare

Posted by Erika Dobson on 27-May-2016 14:52:58

Every day, people are creating new and different ways to market a business. Because of this, it has become very difficult to keep track of the latest ways to formulate a marketing plan and create a better marketing strategy.

To benefit your company and beat the competition, it is important to keep on top of the latest methods of marketing your business and see how you can leverage anything new and relevant that they bring to the table. However, the main struggle is choosing which marketing type will benefit your business the most and when to switch tactics to follow them.

We're going to look at the prevailing marketing trends that the 2016 marketing landscape offers...

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13 Apr

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Posted by Erika Dobson on 13-Apr-2016 15:16:29

It doesn''t matter if you're a small business or a large corporation. Every marketer has a desire, nay, a NEED, to connect with your target audience on a deep and personal level. If you listen to what your target audience is asking for, you can use social media marketing to point them in the right direction, usually to your website or blog.

In this article, we're going to share some great social media marketing tips that we use ourselves to reach our ideal clients online.

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08 Apr

5 great places to find free images for your website

Posted by Erika Dobson on 08-Apr-2016 11:38:13

Ahh, everyone loves something for nothing don't they? In this article we're going to share some helpful places to find free images for your website, blog or marketing content.

When it comes to using strong images to help during a website redesign, using images for your marketing, be it your website, email campaigns, brochures, or other material, using professionally shot images, or appropriate stock images can make your content shine, give your designs a lift, and take your content to a new level.

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26 Feb

Business blogging part 2: how to start a blog in 3 easy steps

Posted by Erika Dobson on 26-Feb-2016 16:01:16

With part one of our series on business blogging, we shared five reasons why your should start a business blog and how it can be a valuable marketing tool in your toolkit. 

In the second part of our complete guide to business blogging, we're going to look at the 'how' of starting a business blog, from the ground up. It might be that you've covered some of this ground already, but hopefully we can catch you at some point in your journey and help you get unstuck, whether that's by giving you a little boost, or spurring you on to kick-start the process again.

So, let's look at the best steps to take on how to start a blog for your business.

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22 Feb

Business blogging part 1: 5 reasons you should start a business blog

Posted by Erika Dobson on 22-Feb-2016 20:00:00

Blogs are very popular these days, everyone and their dog seems to have one. In reality, very few businesses actually consider blogging to be of any importance, let alone an ongoing part of their marketing strategy. So why is business blogging important, and why should you start a business blog?

Well, as an agency that's a regular contributor to the world of content via this blog you're reading right now, we thought it would be helpful to write a number of related articles around creating, writing, and publishing content to a regular blog for your business, starting with why blogging is a good idea in the first place.

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02 Feb

Three Easy Pro-Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Posted by Erika Dobson on 02-Feb-2016 20:10:58

When it comes to promoting your website with search engine optimisation you''ll hear the most obvious advice just about everywhere you turn: write about relevant topics; make sure to include your keywords in your page titles and large text headlines.

If you're going to promote your business with search engine optimisation then these rules are table stakes.

But when it comes to turbo-charging your search engine optimisation strategy, there are a few things that can really push you ahead. We've got three pro SEO tips for you in this article. 

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

12 Jan

How to set up Google Analytics to track your website traffic

Posted by Erika Dobson on 12-Jan-2016 15:58:51

Google Analytics is arguably the most popular website metrics and analytical tool on the market today. A data-driven web analytics platform developed and delivered by Google, it allows you to track and report on your website's traffic.

However there are still a number of businesses either not monitoring their traffic at all, or who are baffled by the jargon and data provided by the platform.

In this article we'll show you how to set up your own Google Analytics account and start tracking your website traffic and visitor behaviour to help your overall marketing efforts.

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29 Dec

How to improve your marketing with Google Analytics data [infographic]

Posted by Erika Dobson on 29-Dec-2015 07:50:00

Google's favourite analytical tool has become one of the de facto ways to measure, track and analyse website traffic and using Google Analytics (GA) to improve your marketing can be a hugely valuable experience for any business. 

However, despite its popularity, GA still leaves a large majority of people unsure on what it is that the platform does or what it can do to help your website improve.

If this sounds familiar, or you'd simply like to know more about how to leverage the GA power then fear not. We're here with a comprehensive infographic to help you better understand the finer points of the tool and how to use it to improve your marketing!

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