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Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Graphics, Logo Design, Branding & Identity, and Concept Development. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a BA (HONS) focused in Creative Imaging : Graphic Design from University of Huddersfield.
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21 Nov

Best blog article length: what is the ideal length for a blog post?

Posted by Andy Allerton on 21-Nov-2016 08:01:45

We've written a number of articles on reasons why you should start a blog and how to go about creating one. I've even presented at a number of events, extolling the virtues of reaching your ideal clients through content and blogging.

But one question keeps coming up time and again: just what is the ideal length for a blog post? Well, it's time to find out through research-backed evidence and plain old science! 

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07 Nov

Facebook Workplace alternatives: 5 great options you can use instead

Posted by Andy Allerton on 07-Nov-2016 12:10:20

Facebook recently announced a completely new service for businesses looking to improve their communications, Facebook Workplace. It looks great, and it has some big names already using it to boost productivity and communicate better. However, it isn't free and, although Facebook's personal platform is well-established and proven, Facebook Workplace is a new player to the marketplace.

If you're considering Facebook Workplace, but aren't sure, or would like to see some other options, then we've got 5 powerful Facebook Workplace alternatives to explore.

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