8 best productivity apps & business tools to supercharge your work day

Posted by Erika Dobson on 22-Oct-2015 10:10:00

There are many business tools which will boost your everyday work life and make your job easier. Each of the tools will benefit your business in a different way, all of which are versatile and will match with your workflow.  Below are some of the best productivity apps and business tools which will supercharge your work day:

image showing some of the best productivity apps for business

Update for 2017

We've a great list in this blog, but if you're looking for even more great productivity, collaboration and time tracking tools and apps then we have another blog post full of updated information to supercharge your working day.

Also, you'll find an extra bonus tool from Quickbooks, one of the leading financial management platforms available for your business - check out bonus number 9 in our list below.

1. Trello

screenshot of trello

Trello is a very simple collaboration business tool which allows you to organise your projects into boards. The layout is easy to understand, setting out your projects into ‘what’s being worked on’, ‘what’s on hold’, anything which suits your business needs, within these lists, cards can be created. These can contain both information and attachments, for example: images, files, etc. When a task is completed, each card can be moved across lists to show the progress.

How we use it

Our Trello includes a number of different boards, all of which have their own purpose. Some of these include: ‘content ideas’, ‘current projects’, ‘HubSpot tasks’, ‘sales and marketing’ and ‘staff holidays’. As shown by the screenshot, our ‘Current Projects’ includes lists named ‘to-do’, ‘on hold’, ‘in progress’, ‘with client’, ‘has issue’ and ‘done’.

2. Canva

screenshot of canva

Canva makes graphic design simple and easy for everyone, the quality of the designs is just as good as Photoshop just without the stress of creating them. It offers a number of different features to make your design look professional, these being images, photo filters, free icons and shapes and also hundreds of fonts.

What can you make with Canva did you say?

Canva gives you the ability to make an unlimited about of designs, including: documents, presentations, blog graphics, Facebook covers, social media images, cards, photo collages, posters, invitations, business cards and the list goes on.

When starting a project, the basic tools of Canva is an incorporating image search, drag and drop, element resizing, text input, colour swapping and many more. Once you’re project has finished, you have the choice on what you want to do with it, whether that’s share it on Facebook or Twitter, or download it as a JPEG, PNG or PDF.

How we use it

Because of its simplicity and easy to use structure, we use Canva to create some of our graphics, whether they’re for our client's websites or our blog posts. An example of a design we’ve created is the title banner on this blog post, ‘Supercharge your work day with these business tools’.

3. Slack

screenshot of slack

Slack is an online communication software which is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Engaging with clients, team members etc. is made very efficient with this app, being able to send images, files, documents, videos etc. Chats can be taken place across your company with team members or just 1-1 with clients.

How we use it

We use Slack within our business to communicate with our designer, as he works remotely most of the time. It’s a simple and easy way to contact him and get the whole team up to date about projects.

4. Toggl

screenshot of toggl

Toggl is very beneficial when it comes to billing clients for hourly work. It is a type of web app which monitors and tracks how long you have spent on numerous projects. Using this allows you to create timesheets which can be created at any time which details the exact hours that you have been working on a project, this can then be sent to a client accompanied with an invoice.

How we use it

We use Toggl to keep track of the time we spend on different clients websites, this comes into effect when the client is paying per hour, this way we can add up the time we’ve spent and bill them correctly.

5. Basecamp

screenshot of basecamp

Basecamp is a very simple project management tool, available both on the web and in app form in iTunes and Google Play. It offers to-do lists, file sharing, time tracking and a system for messaging. However, this software is paid tool, after your 60-day free trial, unless you’re a teacher then it is unlimitedly free. 

How we use it

We use it to collaborate on tasts and keep conversations and project information all in one place, setting actionable tasks to various team members as necessary.

6. Wunderlist

screenshot of wunderlist

Wunderlist is very similar to Trello as it is a very simple task management tool. It allows you to generate to-do lists from your projects and assign them to certain lists that suit its category, for example: ‘Work’, ‘Personal’, ‘Private’, etc. Your lists can be shared between team members, friends and partners.

How we use it

We use it for more personal tasks and items on an individual team member basis. 

7. SeamlessDocs

screenshot of seamlessdocs

SeamlessDocs is a type of point and click software which collects information online and offers tools to use the collected information. It automatically syncs the info you have downloaded into an online database for your information to always be stored safely and bank secure, in the cloud. SeamlessDocs gives you the opportunity to filter your database, send mass emails, manage your businesses projects and has the ability to be used as a customer relationship management tool.

How we use it

We sometimes send initial clients here to both sign official documents and to complete scoping project forms, removing the hassle for them when it comes to providing us with information.

8. Asana

screenshot of asana

Asana has various features to help business in their day to day work life. It allows you to easily create tasks, whether that is for your own benefit or to assign to other people. From this you can organise your tasks into shared projects. The communication of Asana allows you to comment directly onto a task or hold conversations with your team members. There are also a number of integrations within Asana, which are Dropbox, Slack, Chrome and Google Drive.

How we use it

The main use for Asana within the Red Guerrilla offices is to track internal progress on projects, from simple to-do lists, through to physical steps needed to build a website to ensure our processes are the same no matter who's working on something.

BONUS Tool. QuickBooks

Screenshot of the QuickBooks platformQuickBooks offers a wide range of tools to support your business needs. Within the QuickBooks platform, you can accomplish a wide range of items including sending invoices online, tracking business mileage for tax deductions purposes, categorising expenses, managing payroll, and even calculating VAT so your prepared for tax season. In addition, QuickBooks also allows you to collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper who can safely view your account's data in order to avoid paperwork and added emails. As a result, you're able to spend more time focusing on what you love most. 

How it can be used

QuickBooks' cloud-based accounting software is a valuable investment for those looking to save time every month when it comes to their company's finances. This program can be quickly and easily integrated into other tools to help streamline the accounting process and maximise your efficiency. 


Go forth and be productive

Small businesses and large ones alike can benefit from introducing tools to boost productivity and basically get more done in less time. The key is to find the ones which will effectively benefit your business for the better.

All of the tools will help your day to day tasks and allow your work days to run along smoothly and efficiently.


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