2015 guide to digital marketing [infographic]

Posted by Erika Dobson on 26-Nov-2015 09:58:35

Digital marketing has changed a lot in the recent years with more companies than ever preferring inbound marketing to more traditional approaches to reach their ideal customers and generate strong business leads.

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It has become increasingly important for a business to have a strong web presence. Most businesses these days are now online with a website of one form or another, but that isn’t the whole picture; a great website is just one piece of the overall marketing puzzle.

Our handy digital marketing infographic will give you a great insight on the online marketing landscape today and what to expect when exploring such a marketing strategy.

For digital marketing to be done properly and achieve your marketing goals, businesses need to make sure that their online marketing efforts cover a range of activities:

  • A fully optimised website;
  • Maintaining a strong social media presence to build up your audience for little outlay;
  • Undertaking an ongoing SEO plan to ensure your search engine rankings stay high, creating more organic website traffic and driving your customers to your website for free;

Advertising on the Internet, whilst not essential, has become an affordable, complimentary strategy, catering for even the lowest of budgets.

Infographic showing the different, interconnected pieces of the overall digital marketing puzzle

 (Source: Adweek)

Putting together the marketing puzzle

After reading this infographic, you should have a basic understanding of the different elements of digital marketing and what it involves.

With better knowledge of optimising web pages, SEO, target audience, search engine and social media marketing, etc. you should be able to help your business reach its best potential and generate more leads than ever.

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Written by Erika Dobson

Erika is an inbound certified marketing consultant at Red Guerrilla Marketing. She’s a vital cog in the creation of great inbound content, and management of our clients’ marketing campaigns.
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